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Interculturality shares trends on global lifestyle issues as well as topics on internationalization of businesses and cultures. We look behind the different cultural aspects that influence our ideas, innovations as well as the way of lifestyle we chose dependant on upcoming trends and changes. My blog is created as a dialogue plattform. You will find latest ideas and lifestyle trends that affect our integrated lifestyle which combines our work behaviour as well as our private bias and preferences. Feel free to share your ideas with us! What means internationalization for you? What is interculturality for you?

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Christiane Lesch

Who I am: My name is Christiane Lesch and I am journalist specialized in international as well as cross cultural communications. I have been working since more than 12 years in international communication and PR for medium-sized companies as well as big international conglomerates like Allianz, Siemens, Steelcase, Marsh, Coalesse, Zumtobel Lighting, BMW etc.. I travelled the world and I am still doing so in my private and my business life as intercultural communication and working in international groups is my passion. My current team is therefore quite international: my colleagues come from Portugal, Australia, United Arabian Emirates, Italy and Germany. I have been living in Australia, Canada and Russia. My hometown is now Munich.

I am looking forward to having an interesting cross-cultural dialogue with you!

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