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The Coalition is a community of startups, entrepreneurs and creators living and working at the same place. Did you ever wish to live somewhere else like in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Ile de Ré, Mikonos or San Francisco? 20 startups are making it possible now.  The Coalition stands for Coliving and Coworking for entrepreneurs.

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Stroke Art Fair in Munich

From 4th to 8th May, the STROKE ART FAIR, is taking place in Munich again.


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STROKE has been founded in 2009 in Munich by the brothers  Marco and Raiko Schwalbe in order to bring their vision of art, design and urban life style of the 21st century closer to their audience. The idea of STROKE was it to question the obsolete understanding of the so called high crop and pop culture.




For STROKE  the mix , interaction and impact of diverse creative expressions like contemporaneous art, design, music and fashion is one of the most significant changes of the 21st century and this is consequently the backbone of the event.


(pictures: STROKE ART FAIR)