Cultural Communications

Job platform for refugees “workeer”

The berlin based duo David Jacob and Philipp Kühn recently released their job platform for refugees in order to help in accelerating the job search process for employers and people that need to be integrated into Germany. The platform helps to connect refugees and employers directly without any cumbersome administration. There will soon be a video about his speech on TED X Munich  about this platform:


Challenges in globalization: Cultural differences

Globalization is nowadays a buzz word in every organisation – from a startup in Germany that starts its business with an international crowd design contest, a medium sized traditionally establishes company that works with designers around the world to  leading international conglomerates – we are all in a globalization process not only our organizations. In reality, much of our work is distributed across distant places, and leading organizations identify globalization as one of their key strategic goals. But the potential power of our globalized economy has yet to be fully realized. The biggest challenge lies in building international teams that work with power and enthusiasm. Steelcase the worldwide leading office furniture company is constantly analyzing with its Steelcase Workspace Future team the optimizations and processes of internationally working teams. A while ago it therefore has publishes its so called Steelcase Culture Code which shows which nationalities work best together due to their similar working behaviour and cultural backgrounds and what expectations on their workplaces the different nationalities might have. More information can be found under:


Never give up smiling!

In San Francisco this poor begger earned heaps of money after a Giant’s game in comparison to his competitors who had on their paperboards only words of lamenting about their lifes whilst asking for money. This guy put a smile on many people’s faces and everybody had to look twice on his paperboard- every second person who passed by left a donation for him!


Begger Giants game


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