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The Coalition is a community of startups, entrepreneurs and creators living and working at the same place. Did you ever wish to live somewhere else like in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Ile de Ré, Mikonos or San Francisco? 20 startups are making it possible now.  The Coalition stands for Coliving and Coworking for entrepreneurs.

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A culture code for souvenirs

Recently I had a discussion with some international friends about bringing souvenirs from travels as I love to buy a lot of country specific things which I cannot get in Germany. I always have the impression that I have to buy the spirit of this country, that I travelled, to all those who stayed at home.  That’s why I buy things that you cannot get in my home country. But my friend from the Arab countries said: ” Oh no, we in the Arab countries we buy as a souvenir the same perfume that we have in Dubai as well. We expect that we find our products also in all countries that we travel to. We bring souvenirs to our family and also very important to our business partners that are known already.” My friend from France then explained to me the French meaning of the word “souvenir”: Souvenir means somethings that gives you nice memories on a special place and moment especially from a holiday. So that’s how we came to the idea of Clickbringsel, a platform that offers unique and local products from allover the world that you can buy online as a souvenir. The word Clickbringsel  comes from the German word “Mitbringsel” which stands for “souvenir” and as you can buy it online it describes itself the meaning of the first part of the word Clickbringsel. Would you buy a souvenir online? How do you chose your souvenirs?

Please share with us your idea of a souvenir in our survey and win a clickbringsel!

Bill Ramsey even created a song about the idea of souvenirs:

Milan Design Week & isaloni 2016


In only a few weeks the biggest design event in Milan as well as the international design exhibition isaloni (salone del mobile) will open its doors.  From 12th to 17th April Milan will be crowded with design enthusiasts from allover the world.  Besides the trade fair@ Rho fiera Milano there will be several design areas spread throughout the city with special events every day and night for designers, architects, art lovers and design lovers in the so called “fuorisalone“ like Zona Tortona, Brera, Ventura Lambrate, San Babila, Porta Venezia, Sant’ Ambrogio and 5Vie.  I am looking very much forward to this year’s Milan Design week which will be amazing again! The combination of the architecture of the historical milanese palaces and modern design ideas creates a special flair and beautiful moments that you cannot explain if you did not experience it in its beauty. Here are some interesting links to best organize your stay in Milan:

Impressions from the amazing design exhibitions from Milan Design Week 2015:













YOUMO – your modular powerstrip on kickstarter now

I just heard yesterday from the great new product YOUMO which is currently offered on kickstarter. YOUMO is a multi-power charging that is smart and stylish. With this new power strip you have a variety of options and you can charge many different devices. YOUMO gives you wireless charging, IoT capabilities, multi-USB ports, US and EU sockets all in one power set. The project is now on kickstarter and if you are fast enough you can get your first own YOUMO – your modular power strip. You can even chose different colors of the cable so that it fits more in your interior and not to forget the many different options – no matter if you even want a Bluetooth Loudspeaker connected with your powerstrip or international sockets. I think this is a really great new product and I directly ordered mine throught the kickstarter campaign. If you want to get your YOUMO, you can find it here:

About Interculturality Blog

Interculturality shares trends on global lifestyle issues as well as topics on internationalization of businesses and cultures. We look behind the different cultural aspects that influence our ideas, innovations as well as the way of lifestyle we chose dependant on upcoming trends and changes. My blog is created as a dialogue plattform. You will find latest ideas and lifestyle trends that affect our integrated lifestyle which combines our work behaviour as well as our private bias and preferences. Feel free to share your ideas with us! What means internationalization for you? What is interculturality for you?

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Who I am: My name is Christiane Lesch and I am journalist specialized in international as well as cross cultural communications. I have been working since more than 12 years in international communication and PR for medium-sized companies as well as big international conglomerates like Allianz, Siemens, Steelcase, Marsh, Coalesse, Zumtobel Lighting, BMW etc.. I travelled the world and I am still doing so in my private and my business life as intercultural communication and working in international groups is my passion. My current team is therefore quite international: my colleagues come from Portugal, Australia, United Arabian Emirates, Italy and Germany. I have been living in Australia, Canada and Russia. My hometown is now Munich.

I am looking forward to having an interesting cross-cultural dialogue with you!