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Digitalization within the furniture industry



The furniture industry revolutionzes its shopping and producting processes with the support of digital tools. Besides sensor technology and apps for real-life demonstrations, new technologies of augmented reality help the consumers in their decision and even creation process of their homes. More information can be found in my report on Huffington Post:


Design and Living Trends from immCologne

Aquarium kitchens, vooking instead of cooking (vooking = vegetarian cooking) as well as wooden textiles – these were trends that I had to reflect whilst visiting the immCologne trade fair this year.


The Picture Vooking is taken from Michael Liebert

Are you still cooking or do you start vooking already? 

The new kitchens are either a luxury status symbol or a fancy stylish equipment with functions that you did not know before that you need it. Your fridge is ordering the food for you whilst you are away and your oven starts cooking the lasagne for you when you are still on your way home. Another trend was the especially designed kitchens for vegetarians to celebrate vooking. The kitchen is created for all functions that a vegetarian cook needs. It helps also with an easy cleaning process of all the waste from the vegetables that has occured.

Wooden textiles

A new design style that I was watching with great interest as it seems that it is more an art work than a home accessory, was the wooden textiles from the designer Elisa Strozyk. She uses a kind of wooden mosaic to create plaids which you can use as a wall decoration or as an art work on your sofa.

Wooden_Textiles_ Elisa_Strozyk

More information on my report on Huffington Post


Is it Art or Architecture? Landmark Projects during Design Trade Fairs

From “A place called home” to “THE SILENCE BOX” under construction, landmark projects on public spaces during design or architecture trade fairs are still trend projects. Have a look into my report from the London Design Week on Huffington Post:





Peppermint Products – Design products of ropes and pasted board

Roman Luyken is the helmsman of the peppermint product’s ship, the pencil that connects all the dots, a designer, facilitator and sailor; He is The Big Mint! Roman put together a very unlikely team from all over THE world to create something that is out of THIS world! He thinks big, dreams big, but mostly, he smiles big!

Miss Official Peppermtinproducts

Peppermintproducts Seilprodukte


More information and possibility to buy the peppermint products under:

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