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Augmented Reality provides opportunities for many industries

Augmented Reality (AR) ThingEvent_Caterpillarshould not only be considered for the gaming and entertainment industry. Today PTC demonstrated in its livestream what other areas can benefit from the latest technologies of AR. It is also an interesting tool for designing prototypes and for a real-life shopping experience of consumer goods.



Vita Unfold at Home App – Smart shopping


The biggest problem with online shopping for decoration and furniture products is  the missing imagination which style, size, material and shape would best fit into your already existing interior style. But here is the solution: The Danish Lighting Brand VITA has introduced its great new app “Vita Unfold at Home”. With this app you can design your home with the suitable VITA design lamps. Just take a picture of the room that needs a new lighting design and you can set up  your room with your individual style.

Interior design goes digital! More information can be found under:


Vita_Clava_Dine_Gold       02032_VITA_Conia_copper_corner_environment


The new world of 360° images


The selfie sticks of the future are there: Panono has released its first version of its throwable panoramic ball camera. Berlin-based technology company Panono has announced its plan to release the first edition of its highly anticipated Panono Camera, the first consumer camera to exceed 100 megapixels and instantly deliver high-resolution, 360° X 360° full-spherical panoramic images. The Panono Explorer Edition will be delivered to initial crowdfunding backers with shipping starting in September. Additionally, 1,000 cameras will be offered for purchase. It looks like a toy but opens new possibilities for photography enthusiasts.


Bosch World Experience 2014

A great project from Bosch has been finalised recently in order to give insights in their technological developments to bloggers around the world. Bosch let 6 explorers travel around the world in 16 days to take a look behind the scenes of exciting Bosch projects at 6 stations on 3 continents. Thereafter they reported their impressions live on the social web. More information can be found on Bosch’s blogumentary:


The future of personal transportation – The first flying car is going on sale in 2015!  

Building on its experience with the Transition® program, Terrafugia has begun feasibility studies of a four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) plug-in hybrid-electric flying car, the TF-X™. “We do want to create a flying car that can be used by a much broader segment of the population than just the pilot’s communities today,” said Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich in a Reuters video report. According to Reuters the TFX has been designed in the first thought for pilots so that they are able to drive their plane home and park it there. But Terrafugia wants to open this innovation so that it can be used by the masses and not only by pilots. More information can be found on:


Vectorform shows visionary sales application for Google Glass

Vectorform BMW googleglass

Vectorform has become the first company in Germany to develop an AR vehicle exploration tool. Google Glass combines the actual car exploration experience with the digital world in order to offer prospective buyers a completely new way of seeing the BMW i8.

Around the vehicle are various “touch points” where Google Glass recognizes the contours of the car using Metaio 3D tracking technology. The first touch point demonstrates the new laser headlights by projecting virtual light beams right out of the car’s lamps. Subsequent touch points  illuminate the inner workings of the chassis or illustrate drive-train components with an  “X-ray” view. In addition, the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle is demonstrated using a virtual wind current that smoothly curves and swirls around the car’s bodywork. This “augmented reality” experience accompanies the buyer in a special way during the customer journey and delivers an innovative sales tool for an equally innovative vehicle.

More information can be found on Vectorform over facebook under the following link:


Design Furniture that charges your mobile phone! 

Clique is an Italian Design brand and the encounter of two illusory distant backgrounds: furniture design and electronic/electric appliance. Clique trusts in Italian craft quality and in user friendly technology. Clique is a newconcept of contemporary living, it cares about objects’ tangible properties than intangible ones.

Clique seating systemClique Design Collection

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