Cultural Differences

The Chinese graphic designer Yang Liu has created an interesting book visualizing the cultural differences between East and West. In her book “East meets West” she explains the culture shock she has been experiencing when she moved from Beijing to Berlin at age 14: “I discovered — almost on a daily basis — that things were quite the contrary of what I was used to, starting with social customs and extending all the way to fundamental ways of thinking,” Liu writes in East Meets West, her newest book. With red symbolizing China and blue representing the West, Liu illustrates everything from understandings of the self to uses of umbrellas and attitudes towards karaoke. Drawing from her own experience Yang Liu created minimalistic visualizations using simple symbols and shapes to convey just how different the two cultures are. Yang Liu’s book “East meets West” is published by Taschen Verlag.


(Picture: East meets West, Yang Liu)

YOUMO – your modular powerstrip on kickstarter now

I just heard yesterday from the great new product YOUMO which is currently offered on kickstarter. YOUMO is a multi-power charging that is smart and stylish. With this new power strip you have a variety of options and you can charge many different devices. YOUMO gives you wireless charging, IoT capabilities, multi-USB ports, US and EU sockets all in one power set. The project is now on kickstarter and if you are fast enough you can get your first own YOUMO – your modular power strip. You can even chose different colors of the cable so that it fits more in your interior and not to forget the many different options – no matter if you even want a Bluetooth Loudspeaker connected with your powerstrip or international sockets. I think this is a really great new product and I directly ordered mine throught the kickstarter campaign. If you want to get your YOUMO, you can find it here:

Vita App for a brighter home

Vita Unfold at Home App – Smart shopping


The biggest problem with online shopping for decoration and furniture products is  the missing imagination which style, size, material and shape would best fit into your already existing interior style. But here is the solution: The Danish Lighting Brand VITA has introduced its great new app “Vita Unfold at Home”. With this app you can design your home with the suitable VITA design lamps. Just take a picture of the room that needs a new lighting design and you can set up  your room with your individual style.

Interior design goes digital! More information can be found under:


Vita_Clava_Dine_Gold       02032_VITA_Conia_copper_corner_environment

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality provides opportunities for many industries

Augmented Reality (AR) ThingEvent_Caterpillarshould not only be considered for the gaming and entertainment industry. Today PTC demonstrated in its livestream what other areas can benefit from the latest technologies of AR. It is also an interesting tool for designing prototypes and for a real-life shopping experience of consumer goods.


Digitalisation within the Furniture Industry

Digitalization within the furniture industry



The furniture industry revolutionzes its shopping and producting processes with the support of digital tools. Besides sensor technology and apps for real-life demonstrations, new technologies of augmented reality help the consumers in their decision and even creation process of their homes. More information can be found in my report on Huffington Post:


The Karim Rashid Limited Edition Rugs awarded with Good Design Award


Illulian, the italian brand, has recently received the 2015 Good Design Award for Link and Info – two rugs from the Limited Edition signed by Karim Rashid. The company has two prestigious showrooms in the fashion district of Milan. More information can be found under: