Trashion – Fashion that Creates Awareness

How about a new dress made from trash that people threw into the ocean? Trashion designer Marina DeBris turns ocean rubbish into haut couture. With her exceptional artwork she wants to create more awareness for the worldwide marine pollution. Her art and fashion is a call for taking more care of our environment. With her so called Trashion – fashion made from trash – she works with her non-profit organization and is also active in art education and environmental education.


Whilst running along the beaches of Venice she came up with the idea to create fashion with all the trash that soils our beaches.


A dress made from take-away plates and cups.


For more information about Marina deBris artwork and environmental activities, please have a look on her facebook page:

Fotocredit: Marina DeBris



The Karim Rashid Limited Edition Rugs awarded with Good Design Award


Illulian, the italian brand, has recently received the 2015 Good Design Award for Link and Info – two rugs from the Limited Edition signed by Karim Rashid. The company has two prestigious showrooms in the fashion district of Milan. More information can be found under:


Urban rug art meets photography – Billboard and Erased Heritage by Jan Kath

Erased Heritage, Jan Kath, Rug Art     Erased Heritage, Jan Kath, Rug Art

Together with the Collection BILLBOARD Jan Kath presents a photography exhibition called ERASED HERITAGE with the photographer Lars Langemeier. Jan Kath and Lars Langemeier were fascinated by the socalled Billboards in Bangkok who normally present advertisements. But the moment when they are empty – before the next advertisement will be installed – this is the moment of inspiration for Jan Kath. When the billboards are empty it is clearly visible that they are constructed with metal plates that are welded together which reminds Kath of a rag rug. “Sometimes you can also catch some old letters in Thai language which are burnt into the surfaces”, explains Kath. He hired a photographer to catch just these moments of the empty billboards with his camera. The pixels from the pictures are being translated into rug knots. Within the inhouse manufactures – which means local farmers- in Nepal they create then a rug art work with highest precision. I had the possibility to interview Jan Kath in Munich. He is a very creative person and takes his inspiration mostly from countries like Thailand, Morocco and Nepal. His aim is to interpret the traditional handcrafts from these cultures and to protect it for next generations. He supports the local carpet weaving as this is a craftmanship that  might be rare within the next ten years. Especially in these countries this kind of work struggles to find young people who want to learn this job from their ancestors. It will become more and more difficult to let this traditional work survive for next generations. (Pictures: Jan Kath)

Billboards_Jan KathErased Heritage, Jan Kath, Rug Art


Not yet “ad:acta” ! Casitoo design reuses the material – second life for used boxfiles 

What  to do with the old already used and stored boxfiles? In times of modern file sharing or cloud solutions nobody needs the old style haptic file storage systems anymore. Or?But what do we do with the big piles of files within all the institutions and offices? Casitoo Design from Munich received loads of used boxfiles from research and science institutions, authorities and offices and instead of throwing it away they reused the material and gave it a second life as a leather covered bag. More information can be found under:

adacta_Assistent_Laptopsitzend_am StuhlIMG_1119IMG_1178adacta_Diplomat_braun_Innenleben


Brass Brothers Movies – amazing art videos – live stories of artists that are touching

Jesse Brass and Matt Brass from Brass Brothers Movies are a US based movie company specialized in short documentaries that explore the passions and motivations of creative people. Within their art movies they are portraying artists during their work and their interpretation of art in their lifes.



In one of the movies there is Zaria Forman form Brooklyn, New York who paints remarkable landscapes – especially with her floating icebergs painting she has her own little secret….

Iceberg perspectives movies


Another interesting artist who is portrayed by Brass Brothers movies is Kim Alsbrooks from Philadelphia. She paints historical portraits and settings on trash. She reuses empty beer or coke cans, paper mugs from coffee shops and wrappings from cakes and makes them an historical art peace by painting portraits from ancient personalities.

Coke can with ancient woman


MOTION – Father Goose

Bill Lishman is a sculptor, inventor, film maker and pilot who lives in the country north of Toronto. His statement of art in his life is: „The creative process is almost divine, I call it a creative continuum and we’re all apart o fit…“

Father Goose

FULLFILMENT – Art and Love   

Painter David Marshak and photographer Sarah Tacoma talk about their love of art and for each other as they describe the building of their „tiny little kingdom“ that brings their fulfillment in life. According to David fulfillment is the following: „Fulfillment is a different word from happiness. Fulfillment is an enriched experience that comes from several different angles…“

More art movies can be found on:


R3creo –  Arts within toilets

R3creo is the personal design portfolio of Ruben Oya and a creative platform for collaborative projects. One of his projects was a toilet art campaign which he introduced to us at the Pechakucha Munich night. More details can be found on: or

R3creo toilet

Incubathion R3creo      Toilet ocean r3creo


Aesthetic Fighters – a story of success of four Armenian dancers by Thomas Kirchgraber

valev_fotiadis_Schweden-2336 Aesthetic Fighters Cover

Aesthetic fighters is a ballet photobook that tells the story of success of four ambitious Armenian ballet dancers. The author and photographer of this ballet photobook is the Bavarian journalist Thomas Kirchgraber.

The book can be ordered by amazon under the following link:


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